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How We Work

We will work with you...

to purchase your property as quickly and stress free as we possibly can.

What are quick house sale companies?

A quick house sale company is a business with the ability to make an immediate cash offer on your property.

Why use them
• Fast, efficient and guaranteed to complete
• No boards, viewings and collapsing chains
• No Estate Agent or Solicitors fees
• Works to your timings
• Any condition of property considered
• Reduces personal involvement
• Allows you to move forward much more quickly

When you might not use them

Whilst the benefits of a quick chain free sale are obvious, you are unlikely to achieve the highest price possible for your property, so if you are not in hurry to sell your property, and are able to cope with the stresses and strain, then you might want to consider a more traditional route.

How it works:

If you need to sell your house fast, Sell My House Quickly Long Eaton will quickly provide an offer in principle. If this is accepted we will quickly arrange a valuation of your property. There are no obligations or costs for homeowners throughout this process.
Upon receipt of the valuation report Sell My House Quickly Long Eaton will then make a formal offer subject to contract and professional survey.
If our offer to buy your house is acceptable, solicitors and an RICS survey will be conducted.
Once Sell My House Quickly Long Eaton are in receipt of a satisfactory building survey and confirmation of ownership report we can proceed immediately to achieve a fast house sale.
If either of the reports have a significant impact on the previously offered value pre (e.g. structural damage, subsidence, or ownership issues), we may have to amend the formal offer to reflect this change or withdraw.
In these circumstances, customers are entitled to review any of the reports provided by our surveyors or solicitors at any time.

Our promise:

We will provide a clear and honest process with no hidden costs which allows the seller to fully understand their position and take control of their circumstances. If our offer does not meet your need then there is no obligation to move forward.

Honest, Transparent, Fast